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  • Veriyas skriver:

    First time user of veriyas free theme and I was sooooooo impressed.

  • Alkesh Miyani skriver:

    Very happy with the quick response by veriyas theme developers. The product met all the stated attributes. The price was good and included postage.

    Best free WordPress theme!

  • de leukste taart skriver:

    I see your blog is very useful to us! We hope that u keep up this good work.

  • Lon K skriver:

    A nicely designed theme!
    -Does it support Woocommerce store plugin easily?
    – Is it possible to manage a long Comment discussion after the posted articles such as above?
    – Do you continue to support your free themes?
    – Which of your themes would be best suited for a blogging/magazine site with a small store and linked to Facebook?

    Thanks, Lon

    • Veriyas skriver:

      Hi Lon,

      We have created support ticket for you including your support request with our support portal. Please check your mail inbox and simply reply it.

      One of our support guy will give you updates with your support ticket asap.

      Best Regards

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